The center piece of my equipment has got to be The St Andrews Cross. Its sheer size which is over seven feet high, brings fear into the minds of those that see it.

It is made of solid timber for total strength and durability to ensure complete punishment and Domination in safety. The last thing I want is for it to fall apart and injure a poor innocent slave. Its position gives me complete unrestricted access in order to use My full range of canes, riding crops, floggers and spankers and whips, giving the victim the most unimaginable feelings of helplessness. It is NOT propped up in a corner where access is virtually is impossible.The wrist restraining straps are continuously adjustable for height, using solid brass runners to stretch you and keep you feeling vulnerable and out of control while I apply the whole gamut of punishments at my disposal. CBT, CP, NT, Ball busting etc. virtually anything else you can think of that is within your boundaries of experience and listed on my services page. It is perfect for complete access by me to your genital area. There is no hiding place! You cannot hold your hands over your genitalia to protect them, or cross your legs. It is all there for all to see and to touch and feel and treat in whatever way I consider is necessary.

Another favourite of mine is the Smother Box. Its handmade from top quality materials with a padded leather seat for Mistress to sit on and restraining straps to stop naughty slaves from touching Mistress without permission. Its ideal for Queening, rimming, watersports and generally keeping My slaves under control.

Is your fetish Sensory Deprivation? Well I have just the thing for you. Its a purpose made body bag with integral hood, all made from soft black velvet and lined with purple satin. Very sensuous to the touch. It is loose fitting from head to foot, and completely light tight.

One of my specialities is Anal Play and I have a large selection of Strap ons of all shapes and sizes including Vib dildos and butt plugs.

I also have bed restraints and an overhead partial suspension system where I can tie you by the wrists or ankles and suspend you from an overhead beam. However it is not suitable for complete inversion. I find this especially effective for Bastinado or when combined with one of my leg spreaders for Ball Busting. Of course none of this would be any good without a large selection of canes, whips, tawses, pin wheels, spankers, collars, gags, hoods and ball stretchers to mention just a few.

For the Crossdressers amongst you, My wardrobe is full of sexy lingerie, stockings and suspenders, all for those who just simply love to dress up. Give me a twirl and show Me how you would love to be as beautiful as Me.











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